President's Report

Dr. Gary Nelson

It has been a remarkable year. We began with record enrollment. At the end of the year, we celebrated the largest graduating class in our history. Yet success is not measured solely in numbers. The number of lives impacted through their experience at Tyndale translates to a greater influence Tyndale graduates are able to have on the world.

We thank God for this. And we thank you for this. Your support truly has eternal impact.

Preparations to move to our new home on Bayview Avenue are well underway. Looking back at events that took place this year we realize that there was no way we could have predicted the delays and challenges we experienced as we embark on this transition. This has been a stretching time as we listen to God, anticipating what God wants to do amongst us and through us. It is an adventure of patience and hopeful endurance!

This past year we have clearly seen God at work. Looking ahead, the future is full of opportunities. Possibilities of what the Bayview campus will allow us to do frequently emerge and we are able to dream dreams not previously available to us. We are pleased to have company along on the journey. We wouldn’t be where we are without you, and this next chapter isn’t possible without you.

As you read this report, I hope you are inspired by how God is using students and alumni around the world. Thank you for your partnership in shaping students so that they can go out and change the world.


Dr. Gary Nelson
Gary V. Nelson, DMin
President and Vice Chancellor


Bayview Campus Construction


For 120 years, Tyndale University College & Seminary has been preparing women and men for work in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, ministry, and the global mission of the church. Tyndale offers programs in a wide range of disciplines at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, fully accredited by the provincial government. Undergraduate students may study toward a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Religious Education, Bachelor of Education or a certificate in Christian Studies. Graduate level education includes a Doctor of Ministry degree; master’s degrees in Divinity, Theological Studies or Theology; and a graduate diploma in Christian Studies, Missions, or Spiritual Formation. With more than 1,600 students representing over 40 denominations and 60 ethnic backgrounds and nearly 12,000 alumni, the Tyndale community invites you to join us in celebrating our 120th anniversary.

UC Students

University Breaks EnrolLment Record

91% of the University students at Tyndale said they were satisfied with the quality of teaching they received.*

In the fall 2013 semester, Tyndale University College welcomed the largest enrollment in its history with over 600 students. This record-breaking enrollment represents a 27 per cent increase over a five-year period. The university continues to expand and diversify its programs, offering students increased opportunities for learning and the practical experience needed to give them a competitive advantage over graduates from other universities and colleges.




Following the launch of five new Christian ministry minors within the Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs, 20 per cent of university students were taking a minor as part of their program in the 2013– 2014 academic year. These new minors provide students in other majors with the unique opportunity to pursue any career and still be equipped to volunteer or work in ministry settings.

Tyndale has taken an important step in making the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree available for students to complete fully online. In the 2013–2014 academic year, Tyndale had a record-breaking 529 online course registrations.

A new Doctor of Ministry – Spiritual Formation track was designed to give ministry leaders the unique opportunity to deepen their life with God. 17 students were enrolled in the program in the first year it was offered.

89% of university students at Tyndale said they were satisfied with their decision to attend the school.*


Tyndale is engaging the crowd through its new peer-to-peer giving platform called Engage Tyndale. Peer-to-peer giving, also called crowdfunding, is the practice of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically online. There are a variety of projects that Tyndale supporters can support. From 120th Anniversary Celebration projects, Student Experience projects, to student scholarships and bursaries, Engage Tyndale fosters a supportive online community that is enhancing the student experience.


*Source - Maclean's: 2014 University Rankings


Inspired to Give

Gordon Stanton

Gordon Stanton

Gordon Stanton [BA Business Administration 2011] is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) with Norton McMullen Chartered Professional Accountants + LLP – a firm that has served the GTA for over 40 years.

Gordon is the first university graduate from Tyndale to be licensed by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario).

“As a CPA, I take a holistic approach to everything I do. I help organizations realize operational efficiencies and achieve their own mandates, while ensuring they are compliant with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines,” says Gordon.

He works with a wide range of organizations – from small to medium-sized companies to Christian mission organizations. “It all comes down to how we use our resources to impact the world for God,” says Gordon. “As a CPA, I see myself as an integral part of helping make this happen.”

Not only is Gordon a Tyndale alumnus, but he’s also a Tyndale donor.

“It’s so important to make the best use of the resources God has given us. I wouldn’t have been able to afford an education at Tyndale without past donors. I’ve been blessed with a degree that has changed my life. I believe it is my responsibility to give back to Tyndale.”

Gordon sees that Tyndale is at an incredible place in its history. “Bayview has the substance of a university campus. It will allow Tyndale to expand academic programs and the student body.”

He believes students come to Tyndale because they value an education that offers a unique blend of academics and faith. He sees this value in his own education. “I couldn’t imagine my life without a Tyndale university education – that is why I give back.”

120 Years of worldwide impact

For the past 12 decades, thousands of Tyndale alumni have been changing the world for Christ. Here is a snapshot of how some of these alumni have contributed to 120 years of global impact.

Tyndale's Worldwide Effect

Ian Bitton
[BEd 2011]

Iqaluit, Canada
Ian teaches Grade 7 students in Iqaluit, Nunavut, providing them with a much-needed learning environment and safe space.

Rev. Joseph Richardson
[BA, BD 1938]

Vancouver, Canada
Before being appointed Dean of Carey Hall at the University of British Columbia, Rev. Richardson was principal of Kakinada Theological College in India.

Donna Dong
[DMin 2012]

Toronto, Canada

As the director of Multiethnic/Multicultural Ministry at Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada, Donna is involved in the mentoring, training and leadership development of young emerging leaders.

Ann Stocker
[BRE 2002, MDiv 2010]

Toronto, Canada

Ann is an outreach worker in Toronto who educates teenage mothers about mental health and women’s issues.

Edward C. Austin
[Diploma 1905]

Bogota, Colombia
Edward was the editor of El Evangelista Cristiano of Bogota, Colombia – a periodical that spread the gospel throughout South America.

Annie Soper
[Diploma 1915]
Moyobamba, Peru
Annie was a nurse who served God in Peru in the 1920s. There is now a Peruvian school named after her, the Annie Soper Christian School.

Arden Mertz
[LCBM 1965]

Kitchener, Canada

Arden, an architect, was a key force in developing Conestoga College’s original Architecture Construction Engineering Technology program in 1967.

Rev. Oswald J. Smith
[Diploma 1912
Toronto, Canada

Rev. Smith was an internationally renowned evangelist, pastor, author and hymn writer who passionately ministered to congregations in 70 countries around the world.

Dr. Paul T. P. Wong
[BTh 1964]

Toronto, Canada

Dr. Wong has been a professor at various universities across North America. As a clinical psychologist, his visionary scholarship and practice have been internationally recognized.

Ravi Zacharias
[BTh 1972]

Atlanta, USA

Ravi is a world-famous author, Christian apologist and founder of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, a ministry that seeks to touch the heart and intellect of thinkers and influencers of society.

Eunice Smith
[MDiv 1983]

Mexico and Ecuador

Eunice spent 60 years in Latin America, teaching seminary students and new believers in urban communities.

James & Nellie Hutchinson [Diploma 1931]
Germany and Austria
James and Nellie compassionately cared for and protected those under Nazi persecution in Germany and Austria leading up to the Second World War.

Nikolai & Doris Grigorian
[OBC 1984]

Krasnodar, Russia
Nikolai and Doris worked in Russia, teaching, translating Scripture and helping orphans in the Krasnodar region.

Elie Haddad
[MTS 2003]

Beirut, Lebanon

Elie is the president of Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon, an institute whose vision is to see God glorified, people reconciled and communities restored through the church in the Arab world.

David Mensah
[BRE 1982]


David is the director of Ghana Rural Integrated Development (GRID) and Northern Empowerment Association (NEA), organizations that transform poor communities in Ghana by building schools, medical clinics and churches.

Victoria Edwards
[BA 2014]


Victoria shadows midwives in Uganda with Save the Mothers, an international organization that equips professionals to improve the health of mothers and babies in developing countries.

John Sweya
[MDiv 2002]

Mwanza, Tanzania

John started Sweya Family Ministries, which trains and equips widows to start their own small businesses.

Argyris Petrou
[MDiv 1990]

Athens, Greece

Argyris served as director of O LOGOS, a Christian publishing house that established five Christian bookstores, published 80 books and also a monthly magazine.

Edvard Torjesen
[Diploma 1947]

Shanxi, China

An expert in languages, Edvard translated Scripture into Taiwanese and Mongolian dialects. He and his family founded Shanxi Evergreen Service, a not-for-profit humanitarian organization that develops public benefit services for the Chinese people.

Daniel Chang-Young Kim
[MTS 1992]

Seoul, South Korea

Daniel is the president of Word of Life Press, Korea’s largest Christian publishing company.

Minnie Brimstin
[Diploma 1898]

Chengdu, China

Minnie cared for orphans and women during a period of revolutionary turmoil in China.

Gary Laing
[MTS 2006]

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

As the first Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada missionaries in Cambodia, Gary and his wife Bev were engaged in teaching at Cambodia Bible Institute, medical missions, churchplanting and mentoring young adult leaders.

Ben Smart
[BA 2013]

Perth, Australia
While serving at a church in Perth, Ben and his wife Alex have successfully planted a new congregation.


2013 - 2014 Financial Report Operations

Enrollment Statistics

Change can be good, and it can also be challenging. Transitions can be exciting and inspiring, and they can also be stretching and unsettling. Tyndale is in the midst of all of this with the transition from the Ballyconnor campus to the Bayview campus. We are thankful for generous supporters like you who have partnered with us on this journey!

Work has been completed in replacing old air handling units, upgrading wiring, installing wireless internet capacity and ensuring that the life safety systems at Bayview are compliant with current fire codes. The kitchen is being renovated, a new library is about to be built and other work is underway throughout the main building. Our staff are putting in extra hours to maintain two campuses and ensure minimal disruptions to the academic activities that are taking place at both. Throughout it all, we are sustained by the unshakeable belief that this is a God-led endeavor. (See The Road to Bayview blog for more stories and updates about what God is doing at Bayview.)

As reported in last year’s Annual Impact Report, Tyndale has been carrying the operating costs of both campuses this year. This will continue until the renovations are finished and the sale of the Ballyconnor campus is completed. Regulatory delays in receiving the renovation permits for the Bayview campus have resulted in a deferral of the Ballyconnor closing, likely to early 2015. We also have known that short-term bridge financing would be necessary to enable us to proceed with the renovations while new capital funds are raised. Before consideration of the additional facilities costs resulting from the transition, Tyndale would have realized an operating surplus instead of an operating loss during the latest fiscal year. We anticipate Tyndale returning to its history of operating surpluses once the transition is behind us, all operations are located on the Bayview campus, growth in student numbers and third party revenue streams accelerates, and donations from people and organizations that believe in and support the important mission of Tyndale replace the short-term bridge financing required to complete the renovations.

Tyndale is at yet another important juncture in its 120 year history. Just as the move from Spadina Road to Ballyconnor Court 35 years ago launched a new era for Tyndale, so too will the move from Ballyconnor Court to Bayview Avenue by propelling Tyndale into an era of increased growth and engagement with its many communities. Join us today in helping make this happen!



Pray. Celebrate. Give.

One descriptive of Tyndale is a movement of people who are passionate about their faith and as a result are seeking to shape the culture around them, in whatever profession or activity they are called or wherever God places them geographically. Your investment in Tyndale has exponential, eternal impact. Each life that is touched through a Tyndale experience is multiplied by the lives they in turn go out and touch.

We are in a season of celebration. Recognizing what God has done through Tyndale for 120 years and the planned move to a new campus which will propel us into the next 120 years are reasons to pause and give thanks. We are so grateful to the community of supporters who give to and pray for Tyndale.

As we move carefully and prayerfully in obedience to God’s call – following boldly in the path He has set before us – we continue to desperately need your prayer, support and encouragement. Thank you for making an exceptional Christian education possible for Tyndale students.

Thank you for being a part of the movement.

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